Spay Day 2014


February 25, 2014 is “World Spay Day” as organized by the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International.

TBAR would like to take today to once again share our support for getting all animals spayed or neutered to help prevent pet overpopulation and increase the quality of life of your pet. Spay/neuter is a proven way of saving lives and an important part of our community outreach. Ensuring your pet does not procreate ensures that their offspring doesn’t end up having offspring that end up homeless. In addition, animals that are fixed are less likely to have roaming urges (that end up in them getting into fights or hit by cars) and less likely to get certain types of cancer. We urge everyone to spay or neuter their pet, and to adopt new pets from animal rescues – there are more than enough to fill your hearts and homes!

TBAR has a special fund set up to assist people that need help paying for spay expenses. At this time, this fund allows us to pay for three spays a month using one of two low-cost clinics: The Animal Friends Connie Clinic on Hwy 36 in Brenham and CCC Clinic in Bryan (a new facility).

If you would like to donate to this fund you can do so by clicking here: Donate to the Spay/Neuter Fund

If you would like to apply for Spay Assistance please fill out THIS FORM and return it to

For more information on Spay/Neuter you can visit:
Why You Should Spay/Neuter Your Pet
World Spay Day

Here is a great video series from the Humane Society that gives great information about Spay/Neuter and aftercare for your pet:

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet
What it Means to Spay/Neuter
What to Watch Out For after Spay/Neuter

We hope World Spay Day has helped to encourage you to spread the word on the importance of Spay/Neuter!
Again, here is the Spay Assistance Form:
TBAR Spay Assistance Request Form

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TBAR Heaven 2013

Shadow – Oct. 2013


Shadow showed up as a stray dog with an injured leg that resulted in a slight limp. She was a beautiful black Labrador mix who enjoyed running and playing. She never hid her inner puppy and will forever be a part of our hearts.



Ebony was a Thoroughbred mare, 8 years old, and lived out her last days in peace at TBAR

October 16: Feral Cat Day

National Feral Cat Day 2013


October 16 is National Feral Cat Day, as broadcast by Alley Cat Allies.  This is an awareness day that seeks to spread the word about Feral Cats – to teach people the difference between pet, stray, and Feral cats, and to teach the community that Feral cats can have full and happy lives living outdoors.

The difference between stray and Feral cats is that Feral cats have been born and raised outdoors, enjoying the freedom that comes with “returning to the wild”.  They are not socialized and they do not have the ability or desire to become domesticated.  Once trapped and re-homed, it is unlikely that Feral cats will warm up to humans, and they will not prefer their new indoor captivity to the life they were used to outdoors.  In contrast, as stray cat is one that has been lost or abandoned and is able to be rehabilitated and re-homed.

Because most Feral cats cannot be re-homed, TBAR does not support the trapping and surrendering of them, and so we are unable to place them in Foster Homes that can rehabilitate them.  That being said, TBAR is a huge supporter of the Trap-Neuter-Return initiative, which not only takes care of spay/neuter, but also takes care of vaccinations.  In these situations we ONLY help people if they are willing to feed and monitor the returned cats. We have special funds that supporters can donate to that allow us to pay for fixing and vaccinating Feral cats and helping to control the population.  We are also able to take in kittens that were born outdoors and socialize them before they become Feral, thus allowing them to become adoptable.  If you have Feral cats in your area, please take a look at these tips for helping to manage them:

–  Consider a Trap-Neuter-Return program.  If you need to borrow a trap, or if you need assistance in funding, please contact us.  Click here for more info from Alley Cat Allies on Trap-Neuter-Return.

–  Feed and monitor your feral cat community, but only in safe locations (do not feed close to roads, or neighbors with aggressive dogs).  Animal control should be alerted if you have a cat that looks sickly in your cat community.

–  Feral kittens have a short window in which they can be collected and socialized.  Keep an eye on your Feral community and identify any pregnant Feral cats so you can know when the kittens are born.

–  If you know anyone that is considering trapping and surrendering, please offer them advice on deterrents.  The use of deterrents is an effective way to convince Feral cats to find a new location to live in.  Some deterrents are very easy and affordable: lemon peels, coffee grounds, chopsticks, rock beds, and car covers.

–  Inform others of the vacuum effect:  once one cat is removed it only creates space for another Feral cat to move in the territory.  Trap-Neuter-Return prevents the continual rotation of the population.

–  Click here for a brochure with even more information on living with cats in your area

Fun fact:  one of the greatest examples of a Community Cat program is in the “Happiest Place on Earth”:  at Disneyland!  The Disneyland program cares for around 200 cats and has done so for at least the past 25 years.  They practice Trap-Neuter-Release (which includes spays/neuters and vaccinations), they adopt out kittens, and they also have a community management system that watches over the health and well-being of the cats and feeds them in secure locations away from the public.  In return, the Feral community controls the rodent population of the 85-acre theme park in Anaheim, California.  Don’t expect to see these cats though, they are great at hiding during the day and prefer to be active at night, when the park is empty of crowds.

Post by Jessica Ripley

TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is a no-kill facility.  If you would like to contribute to the spay/neuter fund which is used to help control Feral cat populations, you can click click here to donate and just make a note that it is for the Feral cats! Every little bit helps us to help the cause.


Please note:  as a no-kill animal shelter TBAR is not a part of the statistics this video notes about the deaths of feral cats in pounds and shelters.  TBAR does not take in any feral cats out of their home environment because they are not adoptable and it is considered inhumane to try to hold them against their will.  This statistic does refer to those that trap feral cats and dump them at their local pound or shelter.  Please consider the above-mentioned alternatives to trapping and removal.

Resources from

Please see this brochure for information on how-to Trap-Neuter-Return:  Click Here

“How to Live with Cats in my Neighborhood” Brochure:  Click Here


TBAR Receives Scholarship from ASPCA

TBAR Receives Scholarship from ASPCA

$350 Grant Toward Staff Development

ASPCA Grant Badge sm

Brenham, Texas — True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) announced that they received an award in the amount of #350 from the ASPCA to fund two staff members’ trip to the Equine Professionals Workshop in Dallas, Texas.

 “True Blue Animal Rescue is going into its ninth year,” said Melanie DeAeth, TBAR President. “There have been many changes in the world of Animal Rescue since we first started.  Staff development is an important part of running a successful rescue.  Much of what we do and what we know has been from hands-on learning, but there are many resources out there that will give us the information we need to take TBAR up to the next level.  This year is going to be an important year as far as TBAR’s immersion into new strategic planning, marketing, and social media, which will allow us to further help the animals in Brenham, Texas and surrounding areas.”

 The scholarship included registration for the Equine Professionals Workshop, fuel, hotel, and meals. Staff members got to attend presentations on various topics that will contribute to the future success of TBAR.  Without this generous grant TBAR staff would not have been able to travel to Dallas to participate in the event.

About True Blue Animal Rescue: TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is a no-kill animal rescue located in Brenham, Texas.  If you would like to help their cause please consider donatingfostering or adopting.  Every little bit helps us to help another animal in need of safety and rehabilitation.  Save a life: adopt instead of shop and spay or neuter your pets!

Chili Cook Off 2013

Chili Cook Off 2013 (1)

Cinammon gets to visit with her foster Mom, Shelli. Thanks to her new family for bringing her out to say hello!

Chili Cook Off 2013 (2)

Tbar’s silent auction table.


Chili Cook Off 2013 (3)

Melanie and Teresa.

Chili Cook Off 2013 (4)

Alissa checks on Tbar horse Bubblegum.

Chili Cook Off 2013 (5)

We always love hearing Leannasaurus Rex and we can’t thank them enough for playing today and donating all their tips to True Blue Animal Rescue!


Chili Cook Off 2013 (6)

Line up of chili tents and vendors


Chili Cook Off 2013 (7)

Silent Auction table

Chili Cook Off 2013 (8)

The awesome BBQ pit that was donated by IHD for the silent auction!

Chili Cook Off 2013 (16)


Chili Cook Off 2013 (18)

TBAR dog Lucky

Chili Cook Off 2013 (20) Chili Cook Off 2013 (21) Chili Cook Off 2013 (23) Chili Cook Off 2013 (29)

Agility demo

Chili Cook Off 2013 (31) Chili Cook Off 2013 (34) Chili Cook Off 2013 (37)

Kid zone

Chili Cook Off 2013 (39)

Face painting in the kid zone


Chili Cook Off 2013 (96)

Chili Cook Off 2013 (42)

Chili judging

Chili Cook Off 2013 (41)

Melanie and Ralph announcing silent auction winners

Chili Cook Off 2013 (43)


A Tbar puppy gets adopted!

Chili Cook Off 2013 (44)


Chili Cook Off 2013 (45)

Paul Patrinella and Bill Allen of Hairy Bikers, a reality TV show!

Chili Cook Off 2013 (46)Here are the Coloring Contest Winners from the Kid Zone at the Annual 2013 Chili Cookoff!

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TBAR Receives Hay Grant from ASPCA

TBAR Receives Hay Grant from ASPCA

 $5000 toward feeding horses for 3 months

 ASPCA Grant Badge sm

Washington, Texas — True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) announced today the award of a $5000 grant from the ASPCA to assist with hay costs.

“This year TBAR lost its primary hay donor.  In addition, we had an influx of horses whose owners could not support them as a result of the droughts.” said Melanie DeAeth, TBAR President. “This grant will allow us to feed our 40 on-site foster horses through the rest of the winter.”

For the previous eight years, TBAR had been the recipient of a large hay donation that fed the TBAR horses and allowed them to operate all winter long.  TBAR reports that they usually need 200 round bays of hay a year.  In the winter they use around 30 bales a month (they need less in the summer months due to the grassy land the horses have access to), and one bale alone feeds just four horses a week. This donation from ASPCA bought 66 bales of hay, roughly one-third of what is needed in the winter.  TBAR reports that this donation will get them through the rest of the season.  The other two-thirds of hay needed was purchased with money donated from TBAR supporters.

About True Blue Animal Rescue: TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is a no-kill animal rescue located in Brenham, Texas.  If you would like to help their cause please consider donatingfostering or adopting.  Every little bit helps us to help another animal in need of safety and rehabilitation.  Save a life: adopt instead of shop and spay or neuter your pets!

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