Upcoming Event: TBAR Open House August 30

Teresa and Lady Bug


Have you ever wanted to meet some Texas animal rescue pets while talking to volunteers about the rescue? Now is your chance! On August 30, 2014 one of our TBAR foster homes will be hosting an open house. Come out and meet ABLE camp horses and visit with some TBAR dogs. We will have our T-shirts and cookbooks for sale, and a few refreshments as well. Kids are welcome to tour as well. Join our Facebook Event Page for more info, or you can email help@t-bar.org or call (936) 878-2349

Upcoming TBAR Event: Horseman’s Market Days 2014

Horse event

Make plans to come out and support True Blue Animal Rescue on August 6th at the annual Horseman’s Market Day! We will have many items for sale (including saddles, blankets, halters, and clothing). All money raised will go directly to the care of TBAR animals! We will be able to take payment by cash or check only.

Would you like to donate some horse-related items to TBAR for us to sell at the event? Please email help@t-bar.org or call (936) 878-2349 and we will be happy to accept your generosity!

horse event10

Event Info:

Horseman’s Market Day, also known as Equestrian Market Day or The Horseman’s Flea Market, is sponsored by the Brazos Valley Driving and Riding Club. It takes place this year on Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM at the Brazos County Expo – East Pavilion building. The address is 5827 Leonard Road, Bryan TX 77807 (just East off of Highway 47).

There is free admission and free parking. Shoppers can expect to find all sorts of new and used equine-related items. There will be all sorts of vendors and you can buy, sell, or trade all sorts of equine-related items. There were over 150 booths last year in the 60,000 square foot sales space! Please note that there will be no animals on site.

There is a concession stand on site. Dress appropriately and be aware that the facility is not air conditioned, but it is kept comfortable with large ceiling fans.

Please consider printing the provided poster and helping to spread the word about this event! The more people that attend the more likely we are to raise more money to help Texas animals in need! Printable poster

Carnival at the Dog Park 2014


True Blue Animal Rescue and many other organizations were asked to take part in the Carnival at the Dog Park event hosted by Animal Friends of Washington County. The fun started off at 10am and didn’t let up until 3 in the afternoon. T-bar was at the event with face painting, kids’ games, dogs up for adoption and an agility area.

If you missed out on the day’ events here are just a few things you missed out on. At the event was the Vida Nueva Ranch with two Texas Longhorns that were saddle broken. People were allowed to sit on a longhorn and have their picture snapped. A few T-bar volunteers had some fun with that! Also on hand for the festivities was the Reptile Hospice and Sanctuary of Texas. They brought some of their friends like an african tortoise that was 14 years old named Calvin. He was huge, tipping the scales at 170 pounds! Also with them were snakes, lizards and a few more turtles. Some of the reptiles were even rescues. The T-bar crew could not pass up looking at their booth!

Even the Brenham Police Department’s K-9 Patrol Division stopped by to demonstrate how a Police Officer and his four legged partner work together. Officer Seth Klehm and his K-9 coworker Ronny let the crowd see why it’s never really a good idea to run away from the police. They did this demo with the help of fellow officer Lance Wiess. The crowd was really interested in the information given, and everyone was impressed, of course, with Ronny the German Sheppard K-9 Officer.


Many other groups were on hand and the crowd could even register for door prizes. What made the event really special was the fact that families were encouraged to bring their own dogs, provided they were current on shots and were on a leash. There was even a pet parade that took place at noon that many proud dog owners and their four-legged companions took part in.
A special surprise was in store for True Blue Animal Rescue president and founder, Melanie Deaeth. As she worked away painting kids’ faces a family brought a dog by the tent where she was working and suddenly Melanie had tears in her eyes. It was a T-bar rescue dog now named Trooper who T-bar rescued not once, but twice. The dog was instantly recognized by long time members Lauren Lee Sarlya and Teresa Gaskamp. Melanie, after she finished painting a little girl’s face, dropped to the ground and hugged Trooper, who has one of the best families around.
But the surprises did not stop there. Teresa decided that Melanie could not pass up the chance of sitting on a Longhorn (and I may have prodded too!) So after throwing her up on a beautiful Vida Nueva Ranch steer we started walking back to the T-bar area and then Melanie stopped in her tracks. Before her was another couple with a T-bar rescue dog that was adopted almost five years ago. A dog that Teresa also knew that was named Skip. Melanie was so excited to see another dog in such a happy mood. These little updates mean the world to people in rescue, because you never forget where an animal came from and it’s battle. Once they find a home they are out of sight but NEVER out of mind.

If you missed out on this year’s event you will want to go to the next one. It’s a great way to spend some time with your whole family. T-bar wants to thank all the volunteers that showed up and to all our friends that dropped by, made a donation and said hello. We cannot do our mission without you.




Carnival at the Dog Park 2014

TBAR_Dog Park  Flyers1

Animal Friends of Washington County presents Carnival at the Dog Park this coming Saturday (June 7th) from 10AM-3PM.

Come out for some great demonstrations and exhibits, including: Brenham K9 Police (see narcotic dogs in action!), Miracle Farms, Texas Reptile & Hospice Sanctuary, Brenham Humane Society, Faske Longhorns (photo-ops), Kids Bounce House, quick-draw portrait of your and your pet, AND – TBAR!

The TBAR booth will be featuring: Info booth and adoptable dogs, kid’s games, hoppy pony races, face painting, and dog agility training demos and experience.

Animal Friends will be serving free food (hotdogs!) and drinks from 11am-2pm and door prizes!

Pets are welcome (on leash), costumes are optional, and there is a pet parade at noon.

Address: 3901 Highway 36 North, Brenham Texas

For more information (and to check on any changes due to inclement weather) visit: http://animalfriendstexas.org/dog-park

TBAR would like to remind everyone that this will be a fun event for the whole family, but please be aware of your dog and the dogs of others. Dogs that are comfortable in their own home may not be as comfortable in a new situation or they may get overstimulated. Pay attention to your furry friend’s body language to avoid any surprises. Also ,watch out for dogs that may have gotten away from their owners and if you see one, pick up your dog or get them on a short leash quickly (dogs on leash sometimes seriously dislike being approached by a dog off-leash). If you see a dog get away from their owner you can help them by squatting down, calling in a happy voice, and/or showing a treat to get their attention. Never chase a loose dog in a crowd!

We hope to see you there!

First Annual Lifetime Membership Appreciation Meeting



This year True Blue Animal had it’s first annual Lifetime membership appreciation meeting. We wanted to give those members that have made lifetime contributions a chance to come out, meet the animals and find out how their donation is being used. Our TBAR volunteer staff and officers brought snacks and were all there to talk about what we are doing to help control pet population, stop abuse and neglect and find homes for our wonderful foster animals. Everyone loved hearing about the new training program and Trainer Juan Vendrell of TC Ranch Ventures was there to talk about how he’s been helping the horses to become more adoptable. We also talked about our summer ‘Read to Ride Camp’ and what that will mean to the children in our community.

In addition to just talking and sharing information they were able to go out and meet the animals. Zelda, the zorse, enjoyed the visitors and getting some extra attention and treats! The other horses were happy to partake in eating the carrots that the members brought and getting some extra pets and attention.
Lifetime members have donated $500 or more to True Blue Animal Rescue. These donations help us continue to take in rehabilitate and find new homes for animals. We were happy to be able to show our appreciation to our lifetime members and plan to make this an annual event. I hope to see everyone back again next year and more!

Read-to-Ride 2014: Register Now!

Read to Ride 2014

Announcing our 2014 ABLE Kids Camp schedule!

Animals Bridge Love and Education (ABLE) is an educational camp for school field trips, church groups, scout troops and foster and adoptive family groups to come out, learn about our rescue animals and get a chance to interact with them.


Read-to-Ride is a 30-minute guided educational horse experience that includes brushing, saddling, and riding a TBAR ABLE horse.

Time slots are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in July, from 9am-12pm. Participants must preregister by noon the day before their visit. Registration available at: http://read2ride.eventbrite.com or by calling (936) 878-2349 (payment due on the date of riding, not at registration).

Cost is $10 for 1/2 hour of horse time, $20 for a riding lesson, or free for children ages 6-10 who bring in a completed “Read-to-Ride” Ticket (only one ticket redeemable per child per summer).

Due to animal wellness and personal safety there is a 250lb weight limit. Riding is in the arena only. Download the Read-to-Ride Flyer with ticket here

You can begin your registration below by picking a date and time!

TBAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal rescue, and the Animals Bridge Love and Education (ABLE) program is a community outreach initiative with a focus on prevention through education.  For more info call (936) 878-2349 or email help@t-bar.org

Horse Clinic Recap

Juan Horse Clinic Recap

Juan Vendrell of TC Ranch Ventures joined forces with True Blue Animal Rescue to hold a horse clinic for people that wanted to further their knowledge in horse training. The focus on Juan’s training is to take the horse’s instincts and make them work for you.

Juan Horse Clinic (2)The Saturday was overcast with a cool breeze which made the day easier for those that attended Juan’s class. The range of skilled horse men and women went from low experience to those that have had horses all their lives. The horses themselves included those that had not been formally trained at all, to those that just needed to learn more (much like their owners). The first horse handled by Juan on this day was a TBAR horse named Indy who hadn’t had much training yet. Indy is not a fan of even being touched, but after only a few purposeful minutes in the ring Juan was able to touch him. This amazed pretty much everyone in attendance. Just watching Juan work with Indy was a learning experience for those of us in the crowd.

Juan Horse Clinic (3)

Juan gave a small lecture on his training style but he also stressed that not all horses are the same. There is not one foolproof way to get a horse to do something. He stressed that the handlers have to clearly communicate to their steed what they are asking the horse to do. According to Mr. Vendrell, the horse wants to do what they are asked and if they fail to execute tasks or exercises, it is always the human’s fault.

Juan Horse Clinic (5)

After the lecture came the fun part. When registering, people had the option of auditing the class or bringing a horse to work with. If you brought a horse to work with the day would be a bit longer for you! It was explained that when we ask a horse to do something we do so by using a part of their body. A horse owner should be able to tell a horse to move using any part of their body. The day of the clinic we mostly focused on using the shoulders and head of the horse.

Juan Horse Clinic (6)

For me personally I can say it was super exciting working with our True Blue sponsor horse, Athena. I have never had my own horse and the only horse I had contact with as a child was a wonderful Welsh pony, that was neck-reigned, that I took care of after school for one blissful year before her owners noticed that I played with the pony more than her kids did and it was sold off. Still one year with a pony hardly goes a long way, and it was so long ago. Poor Juan had to show me basic things, like how to swing a lead line, put on a halter and not to allow Athena to get too close to me. But he was kind about my lack of knowledge!

Juan Horse Clinic (1)

The exercises we did that day with our horses were basic and hard at the same time. Not to mention they really can make you dizzy. I asked Juan for a tip on keeping the dizziness at bay and he said to focus on only one part of your horse when you are asking them to run around you in a circle. So I picked Athena’s shoulder since that was the body part I was asking her to move with. It did help but being so new I was also trying to watch my feet, my hands and then watch Athena. So I got pretty dizzy, but with more practice this issue for me should go away. Especially when I get my hands working better.

Juan Horse Clinic (7)

If people had trouble with an exercise given to them Juan had time to go to that person and give them more tips and pointers. I myself asked a ton of questions to make sure I had a handle on what he had told us. Naturally, since a few of the horses were visitors and were meeting new horses, it was hard to get the attention of a few of them. Juan would have to work with the horses himself to get them to settle down, but he also shared the tip that we had to make sure that the horse was paying attention to us and was standing in the right position; not too close, with their heads up and looking at you.


Juan Horse Clinic (8)

True Blue Animal Rescue provided a lunch of BBQ sandwiches, chips, and drinks. Guests even had their pick of dessert. As everyone sat down and ate, people were excited about what they had learned so far. In between exercises people shared tips and encouraged everyone on their work. Being with other animal lovers made the class feel comfortable. The exercises in the afternoon built off of those that had been taught in the morning. They asked more of the handler’s lead lines, while the horses were still being asked to turn. Attending the class was beneficial to anyone that was there, whether you had a horse with you or were just auditing.

If you missed this clinic, don’t worry, because another one is in the works for the fall. Thank you again to True Blue Animal Rescue and Juan Vendrell!

April Family Fun Day

April Family Fun Day 3

Yesterday TBAR held a great Family Fun Day! We were worried about rain, but the weather held off and a great time was had by all! We hosted two sessions, a morning and an afternoon and the group organizers had a lunch planned for the families at the Washington on The Brazos State Park.

April Family Fun Day 5
Family Fun days offer fun activities for all to enjoy, including:
1) Learn safety with dogs and horses
2) Listen to a story about rescue animals
3) Ride a horse
4) Hay Ride

Our events are announced on our website, and also on our Facebook page.

April Family Fun Day 6

If you are interested in having your kids, aged 6-16, enjoy some horse time with TBAR ABLE residents, please stay tuned for info on our July ABLE Read-to-Ride Camps!


April Horse Clinic


Juan Vendrell of TC Ranch Horsemanship is offering a Horse Clinic at one of our TBAR Foster homes on April 26, 2014. This is a great opportunity for some of the TBAR horses and volunteers to receive training and gain experience. Juan’s horse clinics focus on both groundwork and riding and are customized to allow horses and trainers of all levels to participate and benefit. Attendees can expect to gain skills in natural horsemanship including problem solving and confidence building through roundpenning, desensitizing, haltering and saddling horses.

This clinic is allowing for trainer/horse participation as well as auditing. Please bring lawn chairs for sitting. Clean coggins required for all horses attending

Participants (with Horse): $100
TBAR Members (with Horse): $80
Auditors: $25
Purchase tickets at: www.TBARClinic.eventbrite.com

Joan Anton y Hawk. Foto de Manuela Frey 2

Juan Vendrell is an experienced horse trainer who holds clinics in Europe and the United States and is a featured trainer at The Horseman’s Reunion.


PDF Flyer for Printing and Distribution

IWD2014 Inspiring Change

women 2

Today is International Women’s Day, a day for celebrating the positive achievements and strength of all women, everywhere.

The theme of 2014 IWD is “Inspiring Change”, and that is exactly what the ladies of TBAR strive for everyday! Our amazingly powerful group of women has been the driving force of this nonprofit in Brenham, Texas. Without them, TBAR would not be what it is today.

We would like to thank all of the women officers, staff, and volunteers that work hard to make this organization a success in its mission to stop animal cruelty. It takes great courage AND great heart to face the realities of animal abuse and neglect, and it also takes strength and determination to continuously give your time to a higher cause while maintaining jobs, homes, families, and other life situations. We encourage everyone to honor the women in your life whom you most admire, and remember the International Women’s Day vision: “make a difference, think globally and act locally!! Make every day International Women’s Day. Do your bit to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding”!

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