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True Blue Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-profit, No-kill Animal Rescue in Central Texas, established in 2004. We are run by dedicated volunteers and our animals cared for in loving foster homes.

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Dogs Adopted Jan-Feb 2007

T-Bar’s Jan-Feb 2007 Success Stories
Dogs that Found their Forever Homes * 

 RubyWeb T-Bar Name: Ruby T-Bar #: D212 Weight: 55 lbs
Sex: Spayed  Female Age on 1/2007: 2 yrs
Breed: Red Hound
Color: Orange/Red
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Houston, TX
Description“You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl” Ruby was rescued near Hempstead where she’s lucky she didn’t get hit by a car. Her rescuers adopted her and she thrived. She’s a beautiful, orange-red color that doesn’t show in this picture (see a full color picture at ) Her family recently moved into the city and the small backyard  with a waist-high fence just doesn’t work for Ruby. She’s used to wide open spaces. Ruby is 2 years old and is great with the other dogs and their baby. Ruby needs a loving home  in the country where she again has room to swim and play.  She is totally house-broken and very smart.  She can fetch and swim and is extremely good natured. She is spayed and had her shots too. 
 sedona T-Bar Name: Sedona T-Bar #: D096 Weight: 30 lbs
Sex:  Spayed Female Age on 1/2007: 2 yrs
Breed:  Shepherd / Labrador
Color:  Gold with black highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You!  Location: Magnolia, Texas

Description: Sedona has found her self-worth. Once a scared dog with low self-esteem, Sedona is now happy and energetic again. Thanks to a loving foster home that reminded her  that she was a beautiful dog, deserving of a loving forever home, Sedona loves life again. She gets along great with other dogs and dog-savvy cats. She’s great with kids and loves to curl up in your lap. It’s not hard to imagine how Sedona lost her confidence – she had a home once, a family of her own; but then one day she found herself tied and forgotten in the backyard. And so she felt worthless. But not any more!

If you’re looking for a stunning, intelligent dog to adopt, Sedona will repay you by being your loyal companion always. If you know what it’s like to lose your confidence and then find yourself again, then Sedona might be just right for you 

PICTURE UNAVAILABLE T-Bar Name:  Sarah Burnhardt T-Bar Number: D218 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex:  Girl Puppy Age on 2/2007:  3  months
Breed:  Great Pyrenees
Color:  Blue Eyes
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Caldwell, Texas
 tazWeb T-Bar Name:  Taz T-Bar Number: D205 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex:  Boy  Puppy Age on 12/2006:  3  months
Breed:  Labrador / Boxer
Color:  Tan and Black with white highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: “Look into my eyes”, Taz seems to be saying. “Look deeply. You are falling in love with me and want to adopt me”, he continues. This striking brown, tan and white Boxer/Labrador puppy has a hypnotizing look and a sense of humor that shows in his playful attitude and his ability to make you laugh at his antics. Taz’s story in not unique, sadly – the family packed up and moved and left Taz and his siblings behind. Fortunately, the puppies were rescued from their dire situation.  Like any puppy, Taz has plenty of energy and would love attention, walks and play. Taz and Cliff are 4 months old and will be handsome, big dogs. They’ve had their vaccinations; and each comes with a certificate for a neuter.
 SWNew T-Bar Name: Sweet William T-Bar Number: D180 Weight: 20 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male  Age on 8/2006:  adult
Breed:  Beagle
Color:  Tan, white, and black 
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Cameron, Texas
Description: How often do you find an animal so good-natured that his name is Sweet William? This tan, white, and black Beagle is very laid back and happy just to hang out with you on the porch watching the world go by. Unlike many Beagles who like to bay at the moon – Sweet William is a quiet boy. He’s willing to get along with everyone – including other dogs, and even cats. Incredibly, this loving animal was found lost on the side of a busy road. He’s currently living at a TBAR foster home but very much wants to find a forever home with a good family. If you are looking for a really special buddy and companion, this friendly boy could be the one. He is already neutered and has his shots, and is ready to go home with you. 
 MaverickWeb T-Bar Name:  Maverick T-Bar Number: D201 Weight: 55 lbs
Sex:  Neutered Male Age on 12/2006:  2 years
Breed:  Shepherd 
Color:  Black with white highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: Maverick was lost, desperately searching for the family he loved so dearly. It all happened so quickly. One minute he was enjoying a truck ride with his family, and the next minute he’s standing bewildered at the side of the road as they speed off without him. “They must not realize I’m not with them”, he must have thought. He waited patiently for them to return, but they didn’t. So he went looking. And that’s how Maverick was found – without his family, but wanting one so badly. Maverick is a beautiful, black Shepherd mix with white splashed across his chest, and on the smaller side, like a border collie vs. a full-size shepherd. Someone spent time training him because he has great manners – walks well on a leash, comes when called, and sits when asked. He would do anything to please you. He’s a little older so he’s past the chewing stage and calmer than some of the younger dogs. Maverick is neutered and had his shots. All he needs now is that special someone who will love and care for him for the rest of his life.  For more information, call TBAR today at 936-878-2349
 CliffWeb T-Bar Name:  Cliff T-Bar Number: D206 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex:  Boy  Puppy Age on 12/2006 3  months
Breed:  Labrador / Boxer
Color:  Tan with white and black highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: Taz and Cliff are brothers
 MaxWeb T-Bar Name:  Max T-Bar Number: D203 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex:  Boy  Puppy Age on 12/2006 3 1/2 months
(pictured at 6 weeks)
Breed:  Labrador
Color:  Black with white highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: Max and Henry are brothers
 toby T-Bar Name:  Toby T-Bar Number: D192 Weight: 15 lbs
Sex: Boy Puppy  Age on 10/2006 4 months
Breed:  Boxer
Color:  dark brown and white
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Washington, Texas
Description: Toby is a playful, energetic young boy who doesn’t seem to be phased by his rough start in life. Found by a good Samaritan, poor Toby had been on his own long enough to get eaten up by fleas and worms; but nothing a vet visit and a bath or two couldn’t cure. Toby loves kids and grown-ups alike and is ready to play when you are – unless of course, he’s napping! 
 princess2 T-Bar Name: Princess T-Bar Number: D165 Weight: 12 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female  Age on 4/2006 
Breed:  Shitzu 
Color:  Cream
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Brenham, Texas

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