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True Blue Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-profit, No-kill Animal Rescue in Central Texas, established in 2004. We are run by dedicated volunteers and our animals cared for in loving foster homes.

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Dogs Adopted Summer 2009

T-Bar’s Summer 2009 Success Stories
Dogs that Found their Forever Homes * 


DelilahW T-Bar Name:  Delilah T-Bar Number: D361 Weight:lb
Sex: Girl Puppy  Age on 9/9/2009 8 wks
Breed:  Mix
Color:  White with Brown Patches Adopted – THANK YOU!
Description: See Description below… 
PanchoW T-Bar Name:  Pancho T-Bar Number: D359 Weight:lb
Sex: Boy Puppy  Age on 9/9/2009 8 wks
Breed:  Mix
Color:  White with light brown patches Adopted – THANK YOU!
Description: As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Can you see the longing for a wonderful forever home is this adorable puppy’s face? Pancho and his brother & sister got off to a precarious start. Mama was killed by a snake and a fourth puppy was killed by a car. When True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) was contacted the three surviving puppies were saved. These irresistible pups are a mixed breed and about 8 weeks old, and will be approximately 35 lbs when full grown. They are sweet and playful but not overly rambunctious. All shots and neutering included with adoption.
MissyNewW T-Bar Name:  Missy T-Bar Number: D342 Weight: 35 lb
Sex: Spayed Girl  Age on 1/26/2009 8 months
Breed:  Shepherd/ Retriever Mix
Color:  Black with white and gold highlights
Adopted – Thank you!
Description: Why is Missy asking for a third chance? Well, she already got a second chance at life when she was discovered along with her mom and seven new-born littermates where they had been abandoned on an out-of-the-way country road. The kind person who picked them up and took them to True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) knew they would be well cared for in a foster home. But this sweet retriever mix needs a forever home of her own. Missy is about six months old, and spayed and vaccinated, so she is ready to join a family who will appreciate her loyal and loving personality. She gets along wonderfully with adults, kids, and other dogs. Are you that special someone who will give Missy her opportunity to live the rest of her life in a loving, safe, home where she will never need to worry about being abandoned again? For more about Missy and other TBAR animals, Contact TBAR at 936- 878-2349
BuckySep072Web T-Bar Name:  Bucky T-Bar Number: D188 Weight: 45 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male  Age on 5/2009:  3.5 yrs
Breed:  Labrador / Shepherd
Color:  Black
ADOPTED – Thank You!!
DescriptionBucky had a difficult start to his life but that has just added to his character and charm. He came to True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) after being dumped in the country and found hiding out under a fallen cattle panel. A nicked ear and a couple of other small scars are testament to his past abandonment. Now Bucky walks on a leash, is crate trained, and could easily be completely housebroken. Buck is a sweet, black Labrador / Shepherd mix which puts him in the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of animal rescue. That’s the place where black dogs go, and they have a hard time finding their way out to a forever home. No one knows why this phenomena exists; it just does. And poor Bucky has been stuck without a family through no fault of his own. He’s friendly, loving and playful. At 1.5 years old, he’s past the puppy stage of teething and jumping all over you, and would make a great companion for you and other dogs. Buck is very intelligent and willing to learn, so if you want to teach him tricks, he’s ready! All he needs now is for someone to see him for his wonderful Self and adopt him. As TBAR finds homes for Bucky and other dogs, we will be able to make more room for the many strays and hurricane refugees
Dakota T-Bar Name:  Dakota T-Bar Number: D357 Weight:15 lb
Sex: Boy Puppy  Age on 6/15/2009 16 wks
Breed:  Boxer Mix
Color:  Brown/black brindle  with white chest & face
Adopted – Thank You!
Description: If Dakota has a look of puzzled hurt on his face, it is well justified. He’s probably wondering why in the world someone would starve him, ignore him, and then push him out of their truck on a lonely country road. (A crime by the way.) Happily for Dakota, someone saw what happened, picked him up, and brought him to True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR). Since this photo was taken, this adorable 4-month-old boxer mix puppy has already begun to put on weight and is crate trained. Dakota is friendly to people and to other dogs. He’s such a sweet dog too! He stays in his crate or kennel and quietly waits for someone to come get him and take him out or feed him. It’s like he’s saying, can I really stay here? It’s so nice here, do I get to stay? He can’t believe he gets to eat several times a day! Please consider giving Dakota the loving forever home he so deserves.
Chance1W T-Bar Name:  Chance T-Bar Number: D357 Weight: 65 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy  Age on 03/2009 2 yrs 
Breed: Irish Wolfhound Mix
Color:  Orange and White
ADOPTED – Thank You!
Description: Chance is a wonderful and very sweet dog. He’s big,  but he’s gentle and loving. He’s got a great personality, walks well on a leash, comes when called, and is likely housebroken because he doesn’t like to go to the bathroom in his kennel and will wait until we let him out. 
DarlingTopWeb T-Bar Name: Darling T-Bar Number: D244 Weight: 5lbs
Sex: Spayed Girl Age on 2/2009:
Breed:  Labrador
Color:  Black
ADOPTED – Thank You!
Darling is much too friendly to have been a lifelong stray; and because of this, she trusted the wrong people. Darling was found at a gas station. She was skinny, had an abscess and infection around her head and neck and she has a scar along the top of her back that is typically seen on dogs when someone squirts lighter fluid on an animal and lights it. Darling had nearly given up hope and was sitting to the side looking sad and forlorn when Melanie called her over. She decided to try and find help one more time and slowly walked over. After a trip to the vet to clean her wounds and get her started on antibiotics Darling started to come out of her shell. With plenty of good food Darling quickly put on weight and became the energetic, happy, lab mix that she had been before. The scar on her back will be a reminder that not all people are nice and that bad things can happen when you’re left out alone. Thank you to Darling’s sponsor:  Nancy Shulman
CharlieNew T-Bar Name:  Charlie T-Bar Number: D341 Weight: 3lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Age on 1/2009: 8 months
Breed: Shepherd/ Retriever Mix
Color:  Golden with white and  brown highlights
ADOPTED – Thank You!
Description: Charlie is remarkable for several reasons. This adorable light brown & white puppy has one brown eye and one “pie” eye (half blue & half brown). Charlie’s survival is pretty remarkable too considering that his pregnant mom was dumped and left to fend for herself, and give birth to eight babies by a lonely country road. Remarkable also is that a caring individual happened upon them just in time and brought them to a TBAR foster home. At almost six months old, Charlie is now a happy and affectionate retriever/beagle mix overflowing with love to be lavished on his forever family. He gets along great with other dogs and is neutered and vaccinated and ready to go home
PupHarry T-Bar Name:  Angus T-Bar Number: D349 Weight:lb
Sex: Boy Puppy  Age on 1/2009 8 wks
Breed:  Australian Shepherd / Cocker Spaniel
Color:  Brown Adopted – THANK YOU!
BonnieTW T-Bar Name:  Bonnie T-Bar Number: D074 Weight: 35 lbs
Sex: Spayed Girl Age on 7/2008: 3 years
Breed: Copelyn Hound 
Color:  Black, with Orange and White markings 
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Cameron, Texas
Description: Due to a divorce, Bonnie and her brother, Clyde are looking for a new forever home. Wonderful personalities – can you see Bonnie smiling? 

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