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True Blue Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-profit, No-kill Animal Rescue in Central Texas, established in 2004. We are run by dedicated volunteers and our animals cared for in loving foster homes.

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Dogs Adopted January 2009

T-Bar’s Jan 2009 Dog Success Stories
Dogs that Found their Forever Homes * 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA T-Bar Name:  Dirk T-Bar Number: D320 Weight: 12 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Age on 6/2008:  5 months
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Color:  Black with white chest
ADOPTED – Thank you!
DescriptionWhat a happy, smiling face! That’s because Dirk is now safe from the dangers of being alone in the woods – predators, starving, illness – he’s safe at a True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR) foster home. Dirk is a sweet, loveable Labrador puppy, all black with a white spot on his chest. He has the wonderful Lab mentality: easy-going, gets along with everyone – other dogs, cats and people. Dirk will grow up to be a full-size Labrador, about 70 pounds. If you’re looking for a family dog, one to go on your family outings and enjoy life, then consider adding Dirk to your family.
JacksonSep08 T-Bar Name:  Jackson T-Bar Number: D322 Weight: 75 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy  Age on 6/2008 2 yrs
Breed: Chocolate Labrador  Retriever
Color:  Rusty Brown with white spot on chest
ADOPTED – Thank you!
Description: Jackson was donated to TBAR when his family had to leave their home and could not take their dogs with them.  Jackson is very friendly and loves to snuggle. He would love to have room to run and would make a good jogging or hunting partner. And he has a neat trick too – he spins when you drive off in your car! He’s a big boy and would do best with other big dogs.
Clyde as a Puppy
T-Bar Name:  Clyde T-Bar Number: D075 Weight: 35 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Age on 7/2008: 3 years
Breed: Copelyn Hound 
Color:  Black, with Orange  markings 
ADOPTED – Thank You! Location: Cameron, Texas
Description: Due to a divorce, Bonnie and her brother, Clyde are looking for a new forever home. Wonderful personalities. Look at those sweet eyes! 
Husky T-Bar Name:  Husky T-Bar Number: D343 Weight: 40 lbs
Sex: Neutered Boy Age on 12/2008 1 yr
Breed: Siberian Husky
Color:  Beautiful blue eyes and husky coloring

ADOPTED – Thank you!
Description: Husky was found wandering around Navasota by a True Blue Animal Rescue member; and nobody has claimed him. The lady who found him has 7 other dogs and cannot keep him any longer.He tries to play with her dogs through the fence so he doesn’t appear to be aggressive and he plays with her other big female when she let her out with him. He is a gorgeous dog and is not food aggressive either.  He was kept in her storage room and he didn’t make a mess so he’s apparently housebroken. He cannot continue to be locked up in her storage room because she needs that space for her dogs to sleep. Please consider taking in this sweet dog and either fostering him until we can find him a home, or make him your permanent pet. He’s an absolute doll and looks to be under one year old.  For more information, contact TBAR at 936- 878-2349
Marley2 T-Bar Name:  Freddy T-Bar Number: D350 Weight:30 lb
Sex: Boy  Puppy  Age on 1/2009 8 weeks
Breed:  Shepherd/ Retriever Mix
Color:  White with orange patces
ADOPTED – Thank You!
DescriptionIf you are looking for a perfectly adorable yellow Labrador-mix puppy, have we got just the guy for you! Freddy is 8 weeks old and already crated-trained and almost completely house-broken. He’s friendly and easy going, and gets along well with kids and other  pets. Freddy will be a medium-sized dog in spite of his Lab blood, so you will have all the benefits of this wonderful breed in a nice compact package. Born homeless and rescued by True Blue Animal Rescue (TBAR), this cute and clever canine is ready for his forever home. Freddy has the high energy typical of Labs so he will need plenty of loving and playtime. Open your heart to Freddy and he’ll be a member of your family in no time at all. Freddy has been wormed and vaccinated, and will be neutered before his adoption is finalized.
PupSpeckles T-Bar Name: Speckles T-Bar Number: D348 Weight:lb
Sex: Girl Puppy  Age on 1/2009 4 wks
Breed:  Australian Shepherd Mix
Color: Adoption Fee: $85
DescriptionADOPTED – Thank You!


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